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Candia Advocates and Legal Consultants

CALC as a law firm was established in 2010 as a growing and ambitious Law Firm located in the heart of Kampala City in Uganda. It upholds values of excellence, professionalism and integrity.

The History of CALC
CALC is a Law Firm duly recognized to provide legal services by Uganda Law Council and is registered as “CANDIA ADVOCATES AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS” 
CALC offers legal services to the Ugandan Market, and the regional clientele. The Partners have set up a firm ideal to handle the local and regional challenges for clientele seeking tailored-to-suit legal services.
The firm not only competes in the local market in Uganda but is continuing to place itself as the best within the East African Community region in the areas of its practice and professional competences. 

Management Philosophy
CALC management philosophy is based on integrity, team work, responsibility and mutual respect which creates an environment of trust that encourages professionalism, efficiency and achievement. CALC aims to become a leader in providing an efficient, ethical and professional legal service in the region. To help achieve this objective, CALC seeks to and attracts highly motivated, morally upright individuals who want to work as a team and share in the commitment, responsibility, risk taking and discipline required to achieve our vision through creating a conducive environment to both personal and professional growth.

Candia Advocates and Legal Consultants

BMK House, (Africana Hotel)
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Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road, 
P.O Box 33629
Kampala Uganda

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